Francisco Orrego Vicuña in memoriam

On October 2, 2018, the lawyer Francisco Orrego Vicuña, member of the IHLADI and Professor of International Law of the University of Chile, passed away. He obtained the National Humanities and Social Sciences Award in 2001, thanks to his outstanding performance in...

Enrique Mapelli, in Memoriam

On August 24, Enrique Mapelli passed away. He was a member of the IHLADI, noted for his aeronautical law contributions.

The XXX Congress of the IHLADI opens in Seville

The Rector of the University of Seville declares inaugurated the XXX Congress of the IHLADI. The work sessions of the members of the IHLADI begin today (June,18), and wiill end on Friday 22.. Multiple observers.have been accredited.

Pablo-Antonio Fernández Sánchez, “Serge Lazareff” Prize

On February 15th 2018, at the "Casa de la Ciencia" in Seville, the "Serge Lazareff Prize" was delivered to Prof. Dr. Pablo Antonio Fernández Sánchez, Professor of Public  International Law and International Relations at the University of Seville and Member of the...

Enrique Lagos, outstanding member of the IHLADI, passed away

Enrique Lagos, diplomat, academic, professor of international law and former legal advisor of the OAS, passed away on November 24 of 2017. He was an active and outstanding member of the IHLADI, to wich he contributed his irreplaceable experience and knowledge of...